Wheel Width, Wheel Weight, and Tubes

These answers are generalizations and are dependent on track conditions, riding style, bike setup, and such.

Lowery Racing offers 2.15", 2.5", 2.75", 3.0", and 3.5" wide wheels.


2.75" and 3.0" rear wheels are the most common. More narrow rear wheels are more commonly used on tracks where riders get a lot of lean angle, and wider rear wheels are more common on larger tracks where a larger tire contact patch is an advantage.


2.5" front wheels are most common on 450's, and 2.75" front wheels are most common on twins. 2.15" and 3.0" front wheels are possible too.

On small tracks, narrow front wheels are more common, and on large tracks, wider front wheels are more common.

The front end of the bike will feel more planted with a wider front wheel, but if the front wheel is too wide, a lot of lean angle will run off the side of the tire.

There are a lot of different theories about weighted rear wheels, and rider preference is a huge factor.

Adding weight to the rear wheel will increase the rotational inertia, which calms the power delivery of the bike similar to a heavy flywheel.

Adding weight to the rear wheel also increases the gyroscopic forces which will reduce the bikes tendency to step sideways in the middle of the corner.

Adding weight to the rear wheel will also dampen a rough track.

The downside of a heavy rear wheel is the bike will be more difficult to slow during corner entry, can be more difficult to turn in the middle of the corner, and increases the load on the engine on corner exit.

Riding style, track shape, track surface, and bike setup are all large factors.

Not all tires are designed to be run tubeless. Please check your specific tire.

Dunlop DT4 tires can be run with or without a tube, and Lowery Racing wheels can easily be used either way.

We have found the tires build less heat when running tubeless. Follow the link below to a video of some testing we did.

Dunlop DT4 R5 Flat Track Tire Testing

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